Estranged wife reportedly throws a brick at ex and puts another through the window of his Cadillac

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59-year-old Erma Maeweather was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she slammed a car into her ex-husband’s van, threw a brick through his sedan’s window, and chucked a brick at him through the front window of his home.

On August 26th, Montgomery County Sheriff Deputy Rivera responded to 4499 Budds Creek Road following a report of a domestic dispute. Deputy Rivera made the scene and spoke to Hulon Maeweather who advised police that he and his wife, Erma Maeweather, have been separated since January. Hulon told police that she struck his minivan with the vehicle she was driving, and threw a brick through the rear window of his Cadillac Sedan.

Erma Maeweathers (MCSO)
Erma Maeweathers (MCSO)

Hulon advised that Erma stared at him through the front windows of his home, and threw a brick at him. He told police that he felt Erma was attempting to injure him, and that she appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Deputy Rivera estimated that the total value of the damages at $1,000. There is a current Order of Protection, but it has not yet been served.

Erma Maewether was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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