Elkton man body slams woman and breaks her phone when asked to leave

feat Lyon, Matthew

22-year-old Matthew Lyon was charged with aggravated domestic assault and vandalism after he violated an order of protection and forcefully entered a woman’s home, slammed her to the ground, and shattered her phone when asked to leave.

On July 27th, Deputy Cody Evans was dispatched to a suspected domestic assault at 2144 Seven Mile Ferry Road. After the officer arrived, he spoke to Matthew Lyon who stated that he was in the home when the victim came in and “started flipping out” and then left the residence. Officer Evans spoke to the resident of the property, and she advised that when she arrived home she had found Lyon sleeping on her back porch. She woke him up and told him he had to leave the property. Lyon became angry and forced his way into the home, causing damage to the bench on the back porch.

Matthew Lyon (MCSO)
Matthew Lyon (MCSO)

While inside the residence, Lyon picked up the woman and body slammed her on the floor. Then he shattered her phone on the ground and stated once again that he was not going to leave. The woman was able to provide proof she had an order of protection against Lyon. She was able to present the officer with the phone as evidence. Officer Evans also noted that she had several fresh marks from the struggle and there were fresh marks on Lyon’s fists and knuckles.

Matthew Lyon was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault, vandalism, and violating an order of protection. His total bond was set at $100,000.

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