Eastbound and down DUI: Stylist cuts across lanes

33-year-old Quintana Baxter was charged with her 2nd DUI after she was observed by police swerving in and out of lanes on 101st Airborne Division Parkway.

On October 17th, Clarksville Police Officer Tyler Weaver observed a black Dodge Charger traveling north on Fort Campbell Blvd. While observing the car, he witnessed it swerving in and out of turn lanes while continuing to travel east on 101st Airborne Division Parkway, as well as crossing the center line multiple times on Evans Road. Officer Weaver proceeded to do a traffic stop and had the driver pull over in the parking lot of Northwest High School at 800 Lafayette Road. The driver identified herself as Quintana Baxter.

Quintana Baxter (MCSO)

Upon contact with Baxter, the officer noticed an odor of marijuana emitting from the interior compartment of the vehicle. The officer proceeded to ask her to exit the car, where she was unstable on her feet, smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. The officer then conducted a field sobriety test to which she performed poorly. After consenting to a breathalyzer test, she failed with a blood alcohol content of .147. It was also noted that Baxter is a repeat offender.

Quintana Baxter was arrested and charged with her 2nd DUI. She was later released on a $3,000 bond.

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