Couple fights and police get involved, both charged with domestic assault

28-year-old Jack Lueders and 29-year-old Chantal Orosco-Lueders were charged with aggravated domestic assault after he told police she grabbed his throat and shirt, while she said he grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground, and held her by the throat. Police were not able to determine a primary aggressor.

On March 8th, police responded to a call regarding a domestic assault on Sly Fox Drive. Officers made contact with Jack Lueders, who stated that he and his wife Chantal Orosco-Lueders had been involved in a physical altercation. Jack told police Chantal grabbed his throat and shirt. He responded by taking her to the ground and holding her down. Officers did observe marks around Jack’s throat.

Chantal stated that Jack grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground, then climbed on top of her and held her down by her arm and throat. Chantal went on to say she only grabbed Jack’s shirt in an attempt to stop him from getting closer to her. Officers also observed marks around Chantal’s neck.

While there is no known history of domestic incidents between the couple, both parties stated they have a history of assault against each other. Due to the statements made, a primary aggressor could not be determined at the time and both parties were arrested as a result.

Jack Lueders and Chantal Orosco-Lueders were arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. All of the couple’s charges were dismissed on December 1st.

Drew Burnett

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