Man gets caught with another woman and charged with domestic assault, per report

40-year-old Kurt Harvey was charged with domestic assault when he broke into a residence after getting locked out because he was caught with another woman earlier that evening.

On March 7th, police spoke with the victim who stated that during the night, Kurt Harvey left the residence and she told him that the back door would be unlocked. The victim said she then received a message saying Kurt was out with another woman earlier that evening. Upon his return, Kurt began beating on the front door while yelling and cursing, per the affidavit.

Kurt Harvey (MCSO)
Kurt Harvey (MCSO)

The victim stated she was fearful of what Kurt would do when he got inside the residence, so she grabbed a shotgun. She was sitting on the couch texting her father when Kurt broke in through the back door, grabbed her by the hands, and snatched the shotgun away from her. The victim felt blood running down her hand and went to clean up in the bathroom. Kurt left the residence at that time.

Kurt Harvey was later arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,500.

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