Clarksville woman assaults officers, Tennova nurse during inebriated incident

34-year-old Erma Tippy was charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, resisting arrest, four counts of assault, and violation of the implied consent law after attacking multiple officers while being detained and a nurse when being medically cleared at Tennova.

On June 22nd, Sergeant Coleman was contacted by Ronald Tippy that his wife had drunkenly taken their Chevrolet Colorado in search of drugs. Officer Hube made contact with the vehicle in question at 1380 Ft Campbell Blvd. According to the affidavit, the driver, who was later identified as Erma Tippy, was seemingly “out of it.” Officers noted that Tippy emitted the scent of alcohol after being requested to exit the vehicle. Field sobriety tests were administered to Tippy, in which signs of impairment were displayed throughout.

Upon Hube’s determination that Tippy was unsafe to operate a motor vehicle, the officer placed the woman into custody for driving under the influence. Tippy resisted law enforcement’s attempts by jerking her body and pulling away, per report. Officers forced Tippy to the ground and successfully placed the woman into handcuffs in doing so. Tippy was then put into the back of Hube’s patrol car. Officer Hyatt was requested to the scene in order to conduct a search for the woman. Tippy began to resist law enforcement again upon initiation of the search, reportedly flailing and kicking in the direction of the officers. Coleman and Hyatt were struck with Tippy’s foot while being searched.

Erma Tippy (MCSO)
Erma Tippy (MCSO)

The officers put Tippy into a patrol car again, to which she responded by breaking through the other side of the vehicle. Restraint was utilized on Tippy following the attempted escape and she was placed into the car for the third time. After placing Tippy into the vehicle once more, Officer Hube was also struck by the woman. Tippy denied the opportunity to provide a blood sample and refused to verbally complete an implied consent form.

Further investigation revealed that Tippy does not have a driver’s license and no prior DUI history in the previous 10 years. The woman was later transported to Tennova for medical clearance. While at the medical center, Tippy allegedly kneed a nurse in the stomach. A warrant was served for Tippy’s blood at Tennova.

Erma Tippy was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, resisting arrest, four counts of assault, and violation of implied consent law. Her bond was set at $52,500.

Blaine Kellar

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