Clarksville couple charged with meth possession after traffic stop search

49-year-old Michael Pardue and 45-year-old Melissa Van Ert were charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop and a vehicle search resulted in the discovery of three bags containing meth. Michael was also charged with lane usage and registration operation.

On March 24th, Officer Kelley Potter was following behind a white vehicle heading south on Chapel Hill Rd that was crossing back and forth over the center line multiple times. Officer Potter then conducted a traffic stop a little after 9 pm, where the officer asked Michael Pardue to search the vehicle to which he responded “Yes”. Whilst searching the vehicle the officer found an orange pouch and a purse. When asked if the purse or orange pouch belonged to Michael or Melissa Van Ert, they both said “No”.

With the help of PSD Sabre, a sniff test was administered on the exterior of the orange pouch. PSD Sabre responded to the orange pouch by lying down. Upon searching the orange pouch the officer found a plastic container with two bags with only residue inside but one had crystal meth in it. Along with the meth found in the orange pouch more meth was found in a glasses case within the purse as well as 2 meth pipes and 2 metal straws. In total, the amount of meth found was 3-4 grams.

Michael Pardue was arrested and charged with possession of meth, drug paraphernalia, lane usage, and registration operation. Melissa Van Ert was arrested and charged with meth violation and drug paraphernalia. Their bonds were set at $25,000 each.

Sebastian Shaw

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