Boyfriend’s assault results in woman’s transport to emergency room

19-year-old Andrew Logsdon was charged with domestic assault after striking his girlfriend in the face as many as three times during an argument that required her to be transported to Tennova Emergency Room for medical treatment.

On June 12th, Officer Holder received a call regarding a domestic dispute in Clarksville. Upon arrival, Holder made contact with the girlfriend of Andrew Logsdon, who informed law enforcement that she and Logsdon had been involved in an altercation. Logsdon does not have a history of assault, but the woman claimed that Logsdon had shoved her various times and began to strike her with a closed fist in the face two or three times.

Andrew Logsdon (MCSO)
Andrew Logsdon (MCSO)

Logsdon’s girlfriend stated that she felt assaulted and was placed in fear of her life. Medical treatment was requested to the scene of the crime. Holder noticed redness on the woman’s left cheek. She was later transported to the Tennova Emergency Room in Sango.

Andrew Logsdon was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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  1. […] The three men were interviewed and their stories did not align with one another, however, they were all consistent in stating that they were walking around the locations of the victims’ homes for multiple hours. Andrew Logsdon did state that Levar Livingston was “carhopping” and attempting to open several cars. Video and photo footage provided by the three residences confirmed the three men to be the perpetrators. There were also several other calls later the next morning in regard to attempted burglaries in the same general area as the previous incidents. Andrew Logsdon has been featured on Scoop: Clarksville for domestic assault. […]

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