Belligerent man charged with public intox injuries himself on the way to jail

29-year-old Nathaniel Gatlin was charged with public intoxication after being found by police at the intersection of 8th and Marion Street with a bottle of vodka nearly emptied. As he was being transported to jail, he smashed his head into a patrol car divider resulting in injury to himself.

On June 29th, Officer Euman noticed Nathaniel Gatlin resting on a sidewalk near the meeting of 8th and Marion St. Euman proceeded to make contact with Gatlin, who was observed to have a slurred manner of speech alongside watery red eyes. Law enforcement discovered a bottle of vodka that was three-quarters emptied, per report.

Nathaniel Gatlin (MCSO)
Nathaniel Gatlin (MCSO)

Euman requested a name and address from Gatlin in attempts to provide transportation for the man. Gatlin reportedly responded to this by becoming hostile towards both officers on the scene. The officer placed Gatlin into custody following his continued belligerence. As the man was being transported to the Montgomery County Jail, Gatlin struck the patrol car’s divider with his head. The impact resulted in an injury to Gatlin’s head.

Nathaniel Gatlin was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His bond was set at $439.

Blaine Kellar

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