New candidates petition, qualify in race for Clarksville City Council and City Judge

Since last week, four new citizens have picked up petitions to qualify for Clarksville City Council. In addition, four citizens have officially qualified for election to their respective positions. The qualification period opened on Monday, June 22nd and the deadline to return the petitions is August 20th.

Seven of the 12 city ward positions will be on the ballot in the upcoming November election. To qualify, a candidate is required to obtain 25 nominating signatures from registered voters in the area of their desired position.

No current elected city council incumbents have currently picked up petitions for their re-election. The current incumbents of the council are: Ron Erb in Ward 3, Tim Chandler in Ward 4, Valerie Guzman in Ward 5, Jeff Henley in Ward 9 and appointed Councilman Gary Norris in Ward 11. Members David Allen in Ward 8 and Jeff Burkhart in Ward 12 are terming out of their respective positions.

Former City of Clarksville mayoral candidate DaJuan Little now joins Chelsea Camp in the election for Ward 3. Neither have officially qualified as of noon today.

In Ward 4, Wallace Redd and Margaret Thompson remain as the two lone candidates for the seat. Redd officially qualified for election on June 29th.

No new contenders were added to the race for Ward 5, as Joseph Dasinger, Jason Knight, and Melissa Eldridge are the petitioned candidates. Eldridge and Knight have qualified to put their names on the ballot.

Petition Report as of 7/2 (City of Clarksville)
Petition Report as of 07/02/2020 (City of Clarksville)

Wanda Allen and Faye Hobson continue to be the two candidates currently petitioning for a seat in Ward 8. Neither have officially qualified.

In Ward 9, Matthew Scott Comperry has picked up a petition for qualification. Comperry joins Bradley Morrow and Karen Reynolds. None have officially qualified.

Gary Norris remains unopposed in retaining his seat for Ward 11. Norris was appointed to fill the unexpired term vacated by State Senator Bill Powers, but has yet to officially qualify.

In Ward 12, Jonathan Lockwood and Christopher Adam Walker were added to the petition report. The two join David Webb and Trisha Butler in the election. Butler is the only candidate to officially qualify as of noon today.

Incumbent Charles Smith remains unopposed in attempts to secure re-election as Clarksville City Judge, but has yet to officially qualify.

The Clarksville City Council and City Judge elections will take place on November 3, 2020. Additional candidates have until August 20, 2020, to qualify. More information regarding candidates, scheduling, and voter information can be found on the Montgomery County and Go Vote TN websites.

Blaine Kellar

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