Antioch man in stolen car attempts to rob Exxon Hi-Road off Exit 1

19-year-old Montavius Bass was charged with robbery and evading arrest after he told someone at the Exxon Hi-Road off Exit 1 that he wanted $80 and free gas and when it was refused, he said they had ten seconds to give it to him and he started counting down. He was found to be in a stolen car and ran when marijuana fell out of his pocket during questioning by police.

On June 11th, close to 1:30 am Montavius Bass was walking out of an Exxon Hi store located at 4015 Trenton Road that reported a robbery. When CPD Officer Roederer arrived he saw Bass walking backward out of the store and asked him what was going on. Bass said that he was just pulling a prank on the victim and not trying to rob him. He was asked for his identification when a bag of marijuana fell out of his pocket and another officer arrived. When that officer attempted to pick up the baggy Bass ran away from being detained.

Montavius Bass (MCSO)
Montavius Bass (MCSO)

Officer Roederer pursued Bass and tackled him to be detained. After the detainment, the officers asked the victim what happened and he said that Bass entered and asked for $80 and free gas. The victim said that when he refused Bass told him that he was going to give him ten seconds to give him the money and began counting down. Bass’ vehicle that he was found in when the officer arrived was reported stolen from Nashville and was towed back to Community Auto, and many attempts were made to contact the victim.

Montavius Bass was arrested and charged with robbery and evading arrest. His bond was set at $110,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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