Man calls 911 claiming people are trying to kill him

55-year-old Johnny Jackson was charged with excessive 911 calls when he made three emergency calls to report people trying to break into his room and kill him, his neighbor receiving an unknown visitor and overhearing talking through the walls.

On June 12th, Clarksville Police Officer Lanham was called to the Days Inn at 1100 Highway 76. According to the affidavit, Johnny Jackson had made at least three emergency calls claiming people were trying to bust into his room and kill him.

Johnny Jackson (MCSO)
Johnny Jackson (MCSO)

Authorities questioned patrons in adjacent rooms who denied any such happenings. On his third call, Jackson reported an unknown person entering his neighbor’s room, admitted no one had threatened him, and stated that he overheard people talking through the walls.

Johnny Jackson was arrested and charged with excessive 911 calls. His bond was set at $2,500.

Trish Butler

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