160th NCO strangles victim until stopped by a juvenile

44-year-old Jesse Galbraith was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he wrapped his arms around a woman’s neck, his legs around her legs, and strangled her to the point of constricting her vision and thinking she was going to black out.

On June 27th, around 10 pm Deputy Byers arrived at 182 John Duke Tyler Boulevard to be informed that the defendant, Jesse Galbraith, assaulted a female victim.

Jesse Galbraith (MCSO)
Jesse Galbraith (MCSO)

There was a verbal argument before Galbraith got into the victim’s face and wrapped his arm around her neck from behind and began strangling her. As he strangled her he wrapped his legs around hers, immobilizing her. Her vision began to constrict as though she was about to blackout, she stated. A juvenile witnessed the incident and was able to pull him off the woman. Galbraith left the residence before the police arrived and their attempt to call his phone was unsuccessful.

On June 28th, Jesse Galbraith was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. His bail was set at $10,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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