Woman threatens to shoot 3 people in dispute about roommate moving out

55-year-old Alice Douglas was charged with false imprisonment and three counts of aggravated assault when she threatened to shoot her roommate as well as her roommate’s friend and grandmother when the roommate attempted to move out.

On September 8th, Montgomery County Sheriffs Deputy Stach dispatched to 684 Dean Road regarding a dispute. While en-route, Jazmyne Hollars explained that Alice Douglas was not allowing her to leave and that she saw her carrying a gun. Jazmyne mentioned that her friend and grandmother, Rachel Cawthon and Dorothy Ramsey, were also there. Upon Arrival, Deputy Stach made contact with Dorothy and Rachel who advised that Alice was inside the residence armed with a pistol and would not allow Jazmyne to leave. Alice exited the residence unarmed shortly after the deputy’s arrival.

Alice Douglas (MCSO)
Alice Douglas (MCSO)

When Jazmyne exited the residence, she stated that she had called Dorothy and Rachel to come and help her move out of the residence but saw Alice walk by her room with a gun in her hand. Alice reportedly told Jazmyne that she could not leave so Jazmyne went back to her room to call 911. Dorothy advised that she saw Alice holding a black object in her hand that looked like a pistol. Both Rachel and Dorothy said that Alice threatened to shoot them if they entered the residence so they backed away from the door. Jazmyne, Rachel, and Dorothy all advised that they were in fear of getting shot.

Alice Douglas was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and three counts of aggravated assault. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $70,000 bond.

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