Woman cuts brother during argument about him moving out

20-year-old Tyesha White was charged with aggravated assault after she cut her brother with a kitchen knife during an argument about him moving out.

On August 23rd, Officer Matos was dispatched to a domestic violence call at Avondale Park Apartments. Tyrone White stated during a verbal altercation over him vacating the residence, his sister Tyesha White brandished a large kitchen knife.

Tyesha White (MCSO)
Tyesha White (MCSO)

Tyrone stated that during the scuffle, he was cut the top of his left hand. The abrasion was small and did not require any medical treatment. Tyesha presented audio where Tyrone was heard asking if Tyesha was going to stab him. The officer stated there was a domestic history between the brother and sister.

Tyesha White was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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