Passenger with active warrant brings cocaine in patrol car

44-year-old Aaron Minon was charged with simple possession and drug paraphernalia after he was booked during a traffic stop on an active warrant and was later caught with cocaine in a patrol car.

On August 25th, officers stopped a vehicle of which Aaron Minon was a passenger, and he was found to have an active warrant on file. Minon was placed in a patrol car for transport.

Aaron Minon (MCSO)
Aaron Minon (MCSO)

While on the ride to booking, Minon began moving excessively in the back of the car. The officer stopped and conducted a search of Minon’s person. He was carrying a steel crack pipe and a gram of a rock-like substance that tested positive for cocaine.

Aaron Minon was arrested and charged with simple possession and drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $1,500.

Seth Gann

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