Woman crashes into sign and admits to smoking weed prior to driving

23-year-old Holly Nanney was charged with a DUI when she was found asleep in her vehicle after she had crashed into a metal post of a sign and admitted to smoking marijuana an hour prior to driving.

On September 14th, Clarksville Police Officer Annikov responded to a crash that occurred on the I-24 EB off-ramp. Annikov approached the vehicle and observed a white female leaning onto the steering wheel supposedly asleep. Annikov woke the female up and identified her as Holly Nanney. The officer observed her pupils were constricted and non-reactive. She was also lethargic and confused.

Holly Nanney (MCSO)
Holly Nanney (MCSO)

Holly told the officer she was on her way home from dropping her friend off. She advised police her phone rang and when she attempted to answer it this caused her vehicle to swerve and strike the metal post of a sign. She also advised police she was sleep-deprived and had not slept in two days. The officer observed Holly was unsteady on her feet and had trouble answering simple questions coherently.

She told Annikov she did not consume any alcoholic beverages but did admit to smoking marijuana an hour prior to driving. Holly agreed to a field sobriety test and performed poorly. Holly was taken into custody for suspicion of a DUI. She also consented to a blood draw. Holly has prior DUI history where she was arrested a few months prior and the case is still pending in court.

Holly Nanney was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Her bond was set at $15,000.

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