Woman charged after throwing stack of folders and telling her cousin to “get the F*** out”

33-year-old Judy Rowland was charged with domestic assault after a verbal altercation with her cousin over roommate issues became heated and she began throwing things at her while telling her to ” get the F*** out”.

On September 20th, Clarksville Police Officer Gibbons was dispatched to a domestic violence call at 567 Anita Drive. The officer made contact with Judy Rowland’s cousin who stated she had been in a verbal altercation with Judy over roommate issues. She advised police that the altercation escalated and at one point Judy threw a stack of folders at her while screaming “get the fuck out.”

Judy Rowland (MCSO)
Judy Rowland (MCSO)

Judy’s cousin advised police she believes the folders were thrown intentionally out of anger and they struck her in the right arm. Rowland confirmed the verbal altercation and said she threw a piece of plastic at her cousin but denies it ever striking her. Judy was determined to be the primary aggressor based on the statements.

Judy Rowland was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $250 and paid in cash.

Bella Shedio

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