Trane security guard reports homeless woman urinating in parking lot

51-year-old Jenine Cooper was charged with indecent exposure when a security guard for Trane witnessed her pull her dress up and urinate in the parking lot.

On July 5th, CPD Officer Becker arrived at Trane located at 2625 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard a little after 1 am to investigate an intoxicated person. A Trane security guard told the officer that he witnessed the defendant, Jenine Cooper, pull up her dress and urinate in the parking lot.

Jenine Cooper (MCSO)
Jenine Cooper (MCSO)

Officer Becker spoke to Cooper who admitted to urinating in the parking lot without being asked if she did. She was arrested and not given a citation due to her urinating within plain view of the security guard. The report states that she is unlikely to show up to court and she has a recent but limited local criminal history.

Jenine Cooper was arrested and charged indecent exposure. Her bond was set at $1,500.

Sebastian Shaw

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