Suspect in felony investigation found with 4.7 grams of heroin

feat Wilson, Timothy

45-year-old Timothy Wilson was charged with possession of heroin with intent after being detained for as a suspect for a felony investigation and while being detained, he was found trying to get rid of a bag containing 4.7 grams of heroin.

On August 3rd, Officer Knoblock found Timothy Wilson located at the Hi Road gas station at 107 Holiday Drive. He was a suspect in a previous felony investigation, so police moved in to detained him.

Timoth Wilson (MCSO)
Timothy Wilson (MCSO)

Before the officer could take Wilson into custody, he was seen throwing a bag filled with a white substance in an attempt to avoid it being discovered. The bag of white powder was retrieved and tested positive for heroin with a weight of 4.7 grams.

Timothy Wilson was arrested and charged with possession of heroin with intent. His bond was set at $30,000.

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