Stepson gets thrown out of the house; returns to damage walls and AC unit

20-year-old Paul Mohr was charged with vandalism and criminal trespass when a neighbor witnessed him entering his stepfather’s home after being kicked out to cause damage to his wall and air conditioner.

On March 28th, David Jones advised Deputy Harvey that his neighbor, Cindy Schaeffer, saw his stepson Paul Mohr enter his residence at 182 Stephanie Drive. During the time of the trespass, Jones was not at home and Mohr was no longer living there after being kicked out three weeks earlier.

Paul Mohr (MCSO)
Paul Mohr (MCSO)

When Mohr was kicked out, Jones said he took all of his belongings with him but he did not know that Mohr still had a key to the residence. Police reported there was no forced entry into the home and Jones said that there was damage to walls inside, as well as damage to the air conditioning unit inside his room.

In total, the amount of damage accrued was $100. Schaeffer stated that she knew both Mohr and Jones. She also said that she witnessed Mohr go into the house, then leave with all the lights on and left the front door ajar. She said that she then contacted Jones to inform him of the incident.

On August 29th, Paul Mohr was arrested and charged with vandalism and criminal trespass. His bond was set at $2,500.

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