First time at Night Deposit turns into DUI for soldier

22-year-old Brandon Deel was charged with his first DUI after authorities noticed him swerving on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

On August 1st, Officer Hickmon was stationary at the intersection of Providence Boulevard and Peachers Mill Road. When the light turned green, Hickmon observed a Ford focus in the next lane that didn’t move for a few seconds before attempting to move forward. Once the vehicle did move, Hickmon observed that it left its lane of travel at least five times and swerved within its own lane several times.

Brandon Deel (MCSO)
Brandon Deel (MCSO)

After a traffic stop was initiated, contact with Brandon Deel was made and he was seen to have bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol coming from his person. Deel admitted to having two beers while at Night Deposit, and willingly performed field sobriety tests. He performed poorly, was informed of implied consent, and consented to giving a breath sample that returned a .092 BAC.

Scoop Clarksville reached out to Deel and he said that it was his first night out at Night Deposit after being stationed at Fort Campbell and that he enjoyed himself.

Brandon Deel was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. His bond was set at $2,500.

Seth Gann

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