Scuffle on Treeland Drive results in grass stains and an assault charge

feat Harris, Vince

57-year-old Vince Harris was charged with domestic assault after jumping on a man and knocking him down, where they were wrestling in the dirt until he was finally able to get free. Neither party was injured, although both men suffered grass and dirt stains on their clothing.

On July 25th, Officer Boyce was dispatched to a domestic assault report at 382 Treeland Drive. Upon arrival the man advised police that Vince Harris had jumped on him in the front yard of the residence, dragging him to the ground along with him. The victim then had to wrestle free of Harris’ grip to get back on his feet.

Vince Harris (MCSO)
Vince Harris (MCSO)

Officers noted that both men had dirt and grass stains on their clothing. However, neither of the men appeared to have any injuries. Officer Boyce later discovered that there had been a domestic history between Vince Harris and the victim.

Vince Harris was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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