Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” found unresponsive on I-24 off-ramp with heroin, Fentanyl, crack, and cocaine

31-year-old Mack Hall, also known as rapper “Sixstreet Mac“, was charged with driving under the influence and on a revoked license when he was found unresponsive in his Camry and in possession of multiple narcotics.

On September 5th, Clarksville Police Officer Lanham was dispatched to an unresponsive driver at the Interstate 24 West off-ramp. The driver of the red Toyota Camry, Mack Hall, was behind the wheel unresponsive with his foot on the brake while the car was still in drive. The vehicle was in the far left lane facing Highway 76. Emergency Medical Services, pedestrians, and officers attempted multiple times to wake Mack up with no success. The officers had to force entry into the vehicle through the passenger window and they then placed the car in park. Mack was removed from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher. Officers reported that it appeared as though he was overdosing because he had very shallow breathing and would not react to sternum rubs.

Mack Hall (MCSO)
Mack Hall (MCSO)

EMS located small tied off baggies with a white rock-like substance, gray powder substance, and a baggie with a green leafy substance while searching for any form of identification. Mack also had $258 in small denominations. After he was transferred to Tennova Medical Center, 651 Dunlop Lane, he consented to a blood test. Tennova Agent Deering arrived on the scene and tested the substances inside of the baggies which tested positive for heroin, Fentanyl, crack, and cocaine. A check through the NCIC showed that Mack had a prior DUI conviction in September of 2020, a revoked driver’s license with an action date of September 2020, and prior driving on a revoked license charges dated September of 2012, January of 2020, and March of 2020.

Mack Hall, AKA “Sixstreet Mac”, was arrested and charged with his second driving under the influence and fourth driving on a revoked license. His bond was set at $35,000.

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