Panhandler attempts to make a few bucks while trespassing in Walmart parking lot

38-year-old Tracey Carver was charged with criminal trespass when she was asking for money with a sign in the parking lot of Walmart after being trespassed by Walmart on August 26th.

On September 9th, Clarksville Police Officer Armando Ferreira was dispatched to Walmart at 2315 Madison Street regarding a welfare check. The officer witnessed Tracey Carver crossing Madison Street toward Food Lion matching the description that Walmart provided of a female holding a sign asking for money.

Tracey Carver (MCSO)
Tracey Carver (MCSO)

Officer Ferreira caught up with her in front of Planet Fitness located at 2300 Madison Street. Carver admitted she had a sign and had been using it in the Walmart parking lot asking for a few dollars. She was placed into custody due to her being trespassed from Walmart on the 26th of August.

Tracey Carver was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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