Man violates conditions of release when he assaults his girlfriend and her roommate

33-year-old Christopher Vermillion was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he shoved a plate full of food into his girlfriend’s face, grabbed her by the neck, and then punched her in the face. He also punched her roommate in the face when she tried to help.

On August 7th, Officer Dube was dispatched to 3232 North Senseney Circle for a call about domestic violence with aggravated assault. Lauren Clark explained she was in a physical argument with her boyfriend, Christopher Vermillion.

Christopher Vermillion (MCSO)
Christopher Vermillion (MCSO)

When her roommate Anna Stokes was just getting home, Vermillion thrust a plate of food in Clark’s face and then seized her around her neck and slammed her against the wall so hard she could not breathe. Clark said he also started punching her in the face. The roommate attempted to interfere, Vermillion then took to punching Stokes in the face instead. Both roommates had visible injuries.

Christopher Vermillion was arrested and charged with domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, and two counts of violating his conditions of release. His total bond was set at $150,000.

Janel Helms

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