Man throws Hardee’s cup and purse at woman during an argument

37-year-old Ricardo Perez was charged with domestic assault after he threw a Hardee’s cup and purse at a woman during an argument, then started chasing her down the road.

On July 5th, Officer Aragon found the victim down the street from 194 Bob White Drive where he was called in reference to a domestic dispute. She told the officer that she was being chased by the defendant, Ricardo Perez, after a verbal dispute in the car.

Ricardo Perez (MCSO)
Ricardo Perez (MCSO)

While arguing she said that he threw her purse and a Hardee’s beverage, one of which busted her lip. Perez was contacted and said there was a verbal dispute while they were on the way back from Hardee’s when he threw her purse out of the vehicle. He also admitted to throwing a drink but that he threw it nowhere near her.

Afterward, he said that they were heading towards the residence when she slapped him in the face. Police did not notice any visual injuries to Perez except for a scratch on his arm that he did not confirm came from the dispute. He was determined to be the primary aggressor so he was placed into custody and transported to booking. There is no history of domestic assault between the two of them.

Ricardo Perez was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $500.

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