Man pulls gun on woman for cutting him off in traffic

32-year-old Matthew Lander was charged with aggravated assault when he reportedly followed a woman into a parking lot and pulled a gun on her after she cut him off in traffic, per report.

On September 7th, CPD Officer Tanner Cernick was dispatched to 1188 Cumberland Drive in regards to an aggravated assault. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the victim, who stated that she was driving on Riverside Drive and that a blue Tahoe was “riding her bumper”. The driver of the blue Tahoe was identified as Matthew Lander.

Matthew Lander (MCSO)
Matthew Lander (MCSO)

The victim advised that Matthew pulled next to her and at that point, she had yelled at him. She and Matthew yelled back and forth and she stated that she was unable to navigate her vehicle away from him. She advised that she was able to pull off the road into Fusion Night Club and that after doing so, Matthew pulled back around into the parking lot as well.

The victim told Officer Cernick that she was out of her vehicle because she was “shaken” and wanted to switch drivers with Samuel Butler, who was also in the vehicle. She said when Matthew pulled into the parking lot, she approached his vehicle and they began yelling at each other. She advised that during the argument, Matthew pulled out what looked like a black handgun and set it on the window pointing it at her. Witness Samuel Butler stated that when Matthew pulled into the parking lot and pointed the gun at the victim, he told her to get back in the vehicle.

Matthew stated that he was traveling down Riverside Drive when the victim cut him off. Matthew advised that when he got next to them and exchanged words with the victim, Samuel pulled out a knife. Matthew reported that he did brandish a handgun but never pointed it at them and that he drove off when the victim pulled into the parking lot. Witness Christopher Sellers advised that he did not see the argument, but he saw Matthew pull into the parking lot and brandish a handgun.

Matthew Lander was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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