Man incinerates college textbooks in front yard fire pit to spite wife

34-year-old Jonathan Overfelt was charged with vandalism after he burned his wife’s nursing school books during an argument about marital issues.

On October 15th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Donavane Robinson arrived at 1723 Setter Road in response to a domestic violence call. Jonathan Overfelt was at the residence and informed police that he had burned his wife’s property in a fire pit.

Jonathan Overfelt (MCSO)
Jonathan Overfelt (MCSO)

Overfelt sent texts to his wife stating that if she did not tell him where she was, then he would burn her things. According to the affidavit, Officer Robinson was able to identify “burned paper with nursing material printed on it”. Overfelt’s wife provided a list of her medical books and placed the value at less than $1,000.

Jonathan Overfelt was arrested and charged with vandalism. He was released on a $2,500 bond.

Justan Weston

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