Man caught cruising down Wilma Rudolph Blvd on a Target electric scooter

feat Chandler, Donald

32-year-old Donald Chandler was charged with theft of property when an officer observed him riding an electric scooter down Wilma Rudolph Boulevard that was stolen from Target the night before.

On August 9th, Officer Adam Price was making his patrols in the area of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Union Hall Road when he witnessed a male riding a scooter in the southbound lane and was barely visible. The Jetson electric scooter had blue lights on the front, orange handlebars, and a grey deck which resembled one that was stolen from Target at 2823 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard the night before.

Donald Chandler (MCSO)
Donald Chandler (MCSO)

The driver was identified as Donald Chandler. Officer Price contacted the loss prevention for Target and advised they had located the thief and loss prevention advised that they had identified Donald Chandler the day before. A warrant was secured and the scooter, valued at $400, was recovered and returned to Target.

Donald Chandler was arrested and charged with theft of property. His bond was set at $1,000.

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