Man assaulting girlfriend has to be pulled off by two strangers

23-year-old Keanan J. Nelson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after two strangers heard screams and came into an apartment to find him on top of his girlfriend.

On October 6th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Kevin Westover responded to a domestic assault at 262 Pin Oak Drive, the Oakwood Apartments, where he observed a large group arguing outside of apartment G, and announced himself as an officer. He made contact with Keanan Nelson and asked him to wait at the bottom of the stairs to separate involved parties.

Keanan J Nelson (MCSO)
Keanan J Nelson (MCSO)

Nelson quickly started to walk away and turned a corner when Officer Westover yelled for him to stop. He ignored the officer’s commands, continuing to run away, and was placed into custody after a short foot pursuit.

Margo Weaver, Nelson’s girlfriend, told police that he had been drinking and was trying to leave the house when he attempted to take the keys from her. She refused to hand him the keys because of the drinking and pushed him away, at which point he pushed her to the ground and got on top of her as she lying on her back. Two unnamed witnesses outside the apartment heard the commotion and Weaver’s scream, at which point they entered the apartment and had to use physical force to remove Nelson from atop his girlfriend. Officers noted she had scratches on her right forearm.

Nelson told police that his girlfriend had pushed him, following an argument about leaving the apartment, and shut the door on him and got in his face. He said he shoved her backward to create distance and that she then shoved him to the floor and climbed on top of him. He states he was able to work his way on top of her, and that is when the witnesses entered the apartment. Due to the witness statements corroborating Weaver’s story, Nelson was deemed the primary aggressor.

Keanan J. Nelson was arrested and charged with domestic assault and evading arrest. He is being jailed in lieu of a $6,000 bond.

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