Local rap artist pulls knife on drinking buddy after getting on Facebook

34-year-old Melanie “Memory” Johnson was charged with domestic aggravated assault when she attacked a man for getting on Facebook while they were drinking and watching TV. She then pulled a knife on him and told him to apologize, per report.

On June 30th, a little after 10 pm Officer Renken arrived at the scene of a domestic aggravated assault after the victim called and told dispatch that the defendant, Melanie Johnson, assaulted him. The victim said that he and she were drinking and watching television when she got angry with him while he was on Facebook. He stated she began pulling his hair punching him so he pushed her off and she hit her head.

Melanie Johnson (MCSO)
Melanie Johnson (MCSO)

Johnson then went into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife when he attempted to leave, brandished it against him to get him to apologize. She told police that he got angry out of nowhere and strangled her, pushing her head against the wall when they were watching television. Police reported that there were several inconsistencies in the story after they asked for clarification and her statement about him strangling her changed every time.

There were no marks on her neck, only a bump on her head and busted lip consistent with the victim’s story when he pushed off of him. Johnson admitted to having a knife but she said that it was for her own self-defense. Police determined Johnson to be the primary aggressor and placed her into custody.

Melanie Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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