KTK manager and “DJ CutD” charged with reckless endangerment in event center shooting

34-year-old Eric Phillips, manager of KTK in Clarksville, and 30-year-old Deundrae “DJ CutD” Harmon were charged with reckless endangerment when they fired shots at the Eagle Event Center during a party after a fight broke out.

On October 3rd, Clarksville Police officers responded to the Eagle Event Center located at 131 Tiny Town Road in reference to a shooting in progress. As officers spoke with multiple witnesses, they confirmed a fight had broken out inside the event center between multiple individuals when gunshots were heard coming from inside of the building. As shots were being fired panic ensued and people began running into the parking lot, leaving the scene.

Deundrae Harmon (MCSO)
Deundrae Harmon (MCSO)

Multiple people stated they observed an individual know as “DJ CutD” later identified as Deundrae Harmon inside the event center during the party. Officers made contact with Harmon who admitted to producing a handgun at the event and firing rounds into the air to create a distraction. Authorities determined Harmon’s actions may have placed other individuals attending the event in immediate danger of serious bodily injury or death.

On October 8th, the Clarksville After Hours Establishment Board met with one application consideration on the agenda. The application was from Amer Hantouli for the after-hours club KTK located on 3441 Fort Campbell Boulevard. Eric Phillips, the manager of KTK, met with the board and confessed to being involved in the shooting. There is a recording below of Phillips giving his accounts of the events that took place. Phillips corroborated most accounts of the incident, and additionally admitted to firing his weapon into the air of the Event Center parking lot with no intent to shoot anybody. He states his reason for firing his weapon was to get his family and friends back into the building because he deemed it the safest spot at the time. Phillips also noted his veteran status and flashbacks as the catalyst for his protective response.

Eric Phillips on Eagle Event Center shooting on October 8th

On October 6th, Eric Phillips and Deundrae “DJ CutD” Harmon were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. Both were released on separate $10,000 bonds.

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