Group home roommates get into fight over food

33-year-old Christopher Finley was charged with domestic assault after got into a knife fight with his roommate because he ate his food.

On October 18th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Kristen Ashford arrived at 301 Rue Le Mans Drive, which is a group home, in response to a domestic violence call. According to Christopher Finley, he had gotten into an argument with his roommate Antonious Lyons over food that he bought that Antonius had eaten.

Christopher Finley (MCSO)
Christopher Finley (MCSO)

The house manager, Lasealy Jones, diffused the situation and then went to his room. At this point, Lyons went to the backyard, but Finley was still upset and followed him continuing to argue. Lyons pulled a knife and swung it on Finley, who then hit him in the face. According to Lyons, Finley swung at him first, then he pulled out his pocket knife in self-defense. Both men stated that Finley did follow him outside and continued to follow him from Rue Le Mans Drive to Darlene Drive.

Christopher Finley was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $1,500 bond.

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