FIGHT VIDEO: Topless tussle at Allure Nightclub

21-year-old Mariah Rosamae Blankenship (Onlyfans) was charged for disorderly conduct after refusing to let go of another woman’s hair during an altercation that led to them both being pepper-sprayed and topless.

On October 11th, Clarksville Police Officer Marcus Onfroy responded to a fight-in-progress call located at 2150 Ft Campbell Blvd, also known as Allure Night Club. Upon arrival, officers observed Blankenship fighting another woman outside of the building. Both women were pepper-sprayed in an attempt to break up the fight. However, Blankenship refused to release the other girl’s hair.

Mariah Blankenship (MCSO)
Mariah Blankenship (MCSO)

The Scoop Media Team reached out to Mariah Blankenship for a phone interview to ask her side of the story. Blankenship stated the fight originally started in the bathroom at the club. Blankenship’s former friend had confronted her about a situation that involved a male she was talking to. Blankenship stated the former friend was attempting to get the man ‘jumped.’

Blankenship stated she did not appreciate the woman spreading false information and slapped her in response. Both women were then escorted outside, where the fight continued. In an attempt to break up the fight, the two were pepper-sprayed by bodyguards, but the altercation didn’t end until they were physically separated. When asked for comments or statements, Blankenship said, “If I see her, I’ll do it again.”

Mariah Rosamae Blankenship was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later released on a $1,000 bond.

Mariah Camacho

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