Conflicting stories about couple’s fight over car keys land both in jail

34-year-old Edward “Da Mac” McMillian and 31-year-old Jennifer Rogers were charged with domestic assault after the injured couple gave conflicting information regarding their physical fight over a purse and car keys.

On October 8th, Clarksville Police Officer Matthew Johnson responded to a domestic call at the residence of 303 David Drive. Officer Johnson approached Edward McMillian and Jennifer Rogers, his girlfriend, who stated they got into an argument over car keys that then turned into a physical altercation.

Edward Mcmillian (MCSO)
Edward McMillian (MCSO)

Edward claimed that he went to Jennifer’s room and picked up her bag that was hanging on the door so he could grab his car keys. She then got out of her bed, jumped on him from behind, pulled his hair, and struck him. Edward then said she bit him and continued to hit him while he was on the phone with 911 because he would not give her the purse and keys. Edward had visible marks on his arms.

Jennifer Rogers (MCSO)
Jennifer Rogers (MCSO)

Jennifer told Officer Johnson that Edward entered the room and pulled her covers off in order to find her keys. He then attempted to grab the purse that she had in bed with her. In an attempt to take her purse, he pulled her off her bed by her leg. She stated she fell on the floor, laying on her purse to keep it away from him. Edward then pulled her off of her bag and refused to give her the keys, which is when she bit him. She had a noticeable abrasion on her right leg.

Scoop reached out to Edward McMillian, but he declined to comment.

Scoop also reached out to Jennifer Rogers, who told us she was “uncomfortable talking about this with someone she just met.”

Jennifer Rogers and Edward McMillian were arrested and charged with domestic assault. They were released on separate $1000 bonds.

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