Felon points gun at Nashville deputy stating “I shoot cops”

33-year-old Marticio Johnson was charged with aggravated assault and felon possessing a firearm after he pointed a handgun at a man that intervened in a fight between him and a female.

On August 23rd, Officer Brandon Doss responded to an aggravated assault at 1188 Cumberland Drive. Officers had arrived previously to a fight in progress at the listed location. When police arrived, contact was made with Maceo Ali who advised Sgt. Tenry he heard a loud argument occurring while walking to the parking lot. The male was later identified as Marticio Johnson and the female was identified as Angela Johnson Nance. Ali stated he tried to intervene telling them he is part of the staff and told them to leave.

Marticio Johnson (MCSO)
Marticio Johnson (MCSO)

At this point, Ali advised police Johnson then pulled a black handgun from his waist and chambered a round. Ali advised Johnson that he was a deputy. Johnson then stated “I shoot cops” and that’s when Johnson’s family members removed him from that situation. Sgt. Tenry made contact with Johnson inside the vehicle and discovered a black interior waist holster. During a search of the vehicle, a black handgun was recovered with a round chambered located under the passenger side seat where Johnson was sitting.

Marticio Johnson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and felon possessing a firearm. His bond was set at $50,000.

Ali is a deputy with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.

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