Father reportedly throws mother’s cellphone to stop her from picking up their son

37-year-old Mark Gifford was charged with vandalism after throwing a cellphone that belonged to the mother of his son in an attempt to keep her from taking the juvenile child with her.

On September 9th, Clarksville Police Officer Dilsaver was dispatched to a domestic incident in progress located at Ashton Ridge Apartments, 1060 West Creek Coyote Trail. Officer Dilsaver met with Gwendolyn Gifford and Mark Gifford on the front porch of the building. The officer split up the parties involved and spoke with them separately. Gwendolyn advised that she had sent a text message to her son stating that she was there to pick him up when Mark opened the door and informed her that he wasn’t allowed to leave. She explained that her son was able to get past his father and into the vehicle.

Mark Gifford (MCSO)
Mark Gifford (MCSO)

She said that Mark ran over to the driver’s side of the vehicle, grabbed her Samsung Galaxy 10 plus off of the charger, and ran inside, locking the door behind him. Gwendolyn advised that after a few minutes Mark came back outside, and she attempted to get her phone back. Mark was keeping the phone held above her head so that she could not reach it. She told police that after playing keep away for a short time he threw hew phone and damaged it. Officer Dilsaver then spoke to Mark who advised that Gwendolyn had come into his home and attempted to take their child.

They got into an argument, and a fight occurred over her phone. Mark admitted to taking the phone, and that she had hit him in an attempt to get the phone out of his possession. With Gwendolyn’s consent, Officer Dilsaver spoke to their juvenile child whose statement parallelled Gwendolyn’s previous statement. The value of the Samsung Galaxy 10 plus was estimated to be $700.

Mark Gifford was arrested and charged with vandalism. His bond was set at $22,500.

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