Domestic showdown at Creekbend Mobile Home Park leads to arrest

34-year-old Donald Verble was charged with domestic assault after getting into a physical altercation with his fiance as well as their roommate, and they gave officers differing accounts of what happened.

On September 19th, Clarksville Police Officer Hyatt was dispatched to a domestic at Creekbend Mobile Home Park, located at 296 Tobacco Road. Contact was made with Donald Verble, who stated that he had gotten into an altercation with his fiance. Donald stated they had gotten back to the house when she hit him in the face while in the vehicle. He then got out of the vehicle and walked toward her trying to hug her, saying “come here.” Donald said that a roommate then came at him and punched him in the face at which point he grabbed him by the top of the head and pushed him away. He claimed that the roommate grabbed him near the neck and Donald kneed him.

Donald Verble (MCSO)
Donald Verble (MCSO)

Contact was then made with the fiance who said that Donald approached them after arriving home and began to get in their face, yelling and cursing while coming toward them. She also said that her arm was grabbed aggressively, cuasing them both to fear Donald. The fiance told officers that Donald raised his arm and she was afraid of being hit but he did not hit her. The Roommate said that he was trying to separate Donald from his fiance, but he was commanded to back off and Donald pushed him into the side of the neighboring home. He also told authorities that he ducked down but was struck in the face by Donald. At this point, he started to defend himself and grabbed Donald near the neck until he was able to free himself.

Donald Verble was arrested and charged with domestic assault and his bond was set $1,000.

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