Father accused of pulling hair, spitting on daughter, before threatening to kill her

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31-year-old Aaron Kentner was charged with child abuse and neglect after he abused his daughter and told her if she called the police he would kill her. He was angry that he could not find his phone charger.

On September 13th, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Fortner was dispatched to 978 Cumberland Heights Road in reference to a suspicious person. Tania Burger told Deputy Fortner that her juvenile cousin was there because she had been abused by her father, Aaron Kentner. The juvenile told Deputy Fortner that Kentner was angry because he was unable to locate his phone charger. She said her father hit her in the back, pulled her hair, and spit in her face. before telling her if she called the police he would kill her.

Aaron Kentner (MCSO)

The juvenile called Burger to come and get her and when they returned to Burger’s she cleaned off the spit. The juvenile had fresh red marks all over her back to include handprints. Kentner showed up at Burger’s house intoxicated and began beating on the door trying to get inside. Kentner has a condition of release on file for a different domestic assault.

Aaron Kentner was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect and contempt – violation COR. His bond was set at $13,000.

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