Cold White Claw found in woman’s Jeep swerving down Providence Boulevard

26-year-old Shatha Sindi was charged with DUI for swerving in and out on Providence Boulevard in her Jeep with a visible White Claw in the back seat.

On June 20th, a little after 2 am Officer Eller witness a Jeep Wrangler traveling down Providence Boulevard moving in and out of the lanes in a jerking motion several times. He conducted a traffic stop at 924 Providence Boulevard where he found, defendant, Shatha Sindi, as the driver of the Jeep.

Shatha Sindi (MCSO)
Shatha Sindi (MCSO)

He described her as smelling of alcohol, slurred speech, and red watery eyes. Inside the Sindi’s Jeep, the officer could see an open White Claw in plain view. She was asked to step out of the vehicle and walk back to the patrol car, she stumbled on her way. After she refused to do a sobriety test Officer Eller searched the Jeep and found cold to the touch White Claws. He transported her to Montgomery Jail and could not understand the implied consent in English and asked for it in Arabic. Officer Alquzweeni read it to her in Arabic and she consented to a test with the final result of 133g/210L which is a .133 BAC.

Shatha Sindi was arrested and charged with DUI. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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