CMCSS warns recording virtual classes could result in expulsion

CMCSS has issued a “Privacy Release” to parents and guardians regarding non-students observing and/or recording the students’ virtual sessions. The form has to be electronically signed and returned before the student can participate in classes.

Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) sent out a release at the end of the Learning Mentor Training to parents, guardians, and learning mentors of all students participating in virtual schooling via PowerSchool. Learning Mentor Training began on August 24th and classes begin on the 31st. The form was labeled Privacy Release, Consent and Agreement for Virtual Classes/Groups and it states that they discourage others in the home from observing the online sessions due to privacy and potential “confidential information” being revealed. CMCSS also requested that no one record the meetings and states that if you are caught doing so it could affect your student’s ability to participate in the virtual program.

Reopening Update (Source Facebook)
Reopening Update (Source Facebook)

Each parent/guardian must sign the document, specifically agreeing to the following:

“By signing below, I understand and agree that except to the extent I am needed to assist my student, I will not be observing, and will prevent other non-students in my home/remote location from observing, my student in his/her virtual sessions/meetings. I also understand and agree that my student and I will not record my student’s virtual sessions/meetings. Violation of the agreement may result in CMCSS removing my child from the virtual session/meeting. Additionally, I understand and accept that while non-students (other than parents/guardians or learning mentors on a limited basis) are discouraged from observing my student’s virtual meetings/classes without permission, CMCSS is limited in its ability to ensure this will not occur. I hereby consent to my child’s participation in said virtual sessions/meetings.”

Scoop received the full release from CMCSS which said during the virtual sessions, your student may be viewed by non-students and it is to ensure all that understand the expectations and protocols in place to protect the privacy of the students. Mr. Johnson of CMCSS confirmed this has not yet been an issue.

Janel Helms

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