Clarksville man kicks woman several times, holds her captive, and steals her phone

Charles Powell (MCSO)

32-year-old Charles Powell was charged with domestic assault and false imprisonment when he blocked a woman from leaving the property, yanked her cell phone away from her when she attempted to make a call, and pushed and kicked her several times.

On July 20th, Officer David Moore was dispatched to a domestic assault at 198 Delmar Drive. Upon arriving at the scene Officer Moore spoke with Charles Powell. Powell admitted to getting into an argument with the female victim and attempting to push her down on the couch while gripping her shoulders in his hands. He advised that at some point during the altercation his hand was slammed in a door and that when she attempted to make a phone call to someone he wrestled the phone away from her. The officer noted that Powell had claw marks on his neck, but Powell could not recall when he was scratched during the scuffle.

Charles Powell (MCSO)
Charles Powell (MCSO)

Officer Moore then spoke with the female involved in the incident, and she advised that during the dispute Powell had placed his hands around her neck area and shook her. She specified that she did not believe that Powell was attempting to choke her and that she did not lose consciousness during the altercation. She went on to verify that Powell took her phone from her, shoved her to the floor, and kicked her several times. She notified police that she did defend herself during the attack. Powell finally returned the phone after the incident, so that she could contact 911.

Charles Powell was arrested and was charged with domestic assault and false imprisonment. His bond was set at $7,500.

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