Clarksville father drives drunk to Dollar General with child inside vehicle

51-year-old Darrell Hayes was charged with driving under the influence, lack of ignition interlock, and child abuse and neglect after driving while inebriated to Dollar General with his 12-year-old daughter alongside him.

On June 3rd, Officer Sager was dispatched to a Dollar General in Clarksville. Upon arrival, Sager met with Darrell Hayes, who’s Nissan Xterra was found stationary in the parking lot of the variety store. Sager discovered the key of the vehicle to be in the ignition, to which she requested Hayes’ child to remove the key and place it into the cup holder compartment. After the key was removed from the ignition, Sager began to question Hayes regarding his current status and well-being. According to the affidavit, Hayes was unable to answer any questions outside of what his name was. Sager detected an alcoholic scent emitting from Hayes’ person, to which his daughter later confirmed. Hayes had reportedly been drinking earlier in the morning and needed help, according to his child.

Darrell Hayes (MCSO)
Darrell Hayes (MCSO)

Javelin Geerman, an employee for the Dollar General, was close to the vehicle upon law enforcement’s arrival. Geerman informed the officer that Hayes’ daughter had previously entered the establishment and was having trouble paying for merchandise. Hayes proceeded to unsteadily walk into the store shortly thereafter, then swerving back and forth when exiting the premises. The man was stated to not reply when being asked if he had anything to drink earlier in the morning. Emergency Medical Services were contacted to confirm that Hayes was not having a medical emergency.

Following clearance from EMS, Sager requested a breathalyzer sample from Hayes, to which he complied. Hayes was unable to exit his vehicle without assistance, leaving the administration of field sobriety tests unachievable. The National Crime Information Center revealed Hayes to have a previous DUI charge in November of 2017. Due to the previous conviction, Hayes was required to have an ignition interlock device on the vehicle. Sager was unable to detect said device located anywhere inside the Xterra, per report.

Darrell Hayes was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, lack of ignition interlock, and child abuse and neglect. His bond was set at $30,000.

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