Brotherly brawl over Amazon box leads to clawing and scratching

27-year-old Gaylon Harris was charged with domestic assault when a verbal altercation about an Amazon box led him to hold his brother down and in turn, his brother clawed and scratched to get away from him.

On August 23rd, Officer Wiessing responded to a domestic violence at 373 Timothy Avenue. When police arrived they made contact with Gaylon Harris. According to the affidavit, Gaylon told police he and his brother Raymond Harris were involved in a verbal altercation over breaking down an Amazon box.

Gaylon Harris (MCSO)
Gaylon Harris (MCSO)

Wiessing observed scratches on his forearms, the right side of his neck, and his face. When police spoke with Raymond, he admitted to scratching his brother but insisted it was self-defense. Raymond stated Gaylon came into his room and held him down between his dresser and bed. Raymond then began to claw at Gaylon attempting to escape. According to police, Gaylon stated the altercation happened in the bedroom then changed his story saying it happened outside of the bedroom.

Scoop reached out to Gaylon and he stated the altercation did, in fact, happen in Raymond’s bedroom, but he did not cause bodily harm to him. He also said he did not feel intoxicated at the time of the incident, even though he admitted to having four beers to police. Gaylon said he was the one that called the police on Raymond.

On August 24th, Gaylon Harris was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $500.

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