Boomer resident at Waterford Landings causes a scene, calls leasing manager a “n—-r”

Darryl Lesko

62-year-old Darryl Lesko was charged with public intoxication after the leasing manager reported him for causing a scene over the apartment complex lawn care and for calling him a “n—-r”.

On May 23rd, Officer Rodriguez of the Clarksville Police Department responded to a call from Nelson Mwangi, property manager of the Waterford Landing Apartments, about a resident cursing at him in the office over lawn upkeep at the complex.

Darryl Lesko (MCSO)

Mwangi asked Lesko not to curse at him. Mwangi told the police Lesko called him the racial slur, was causing a scene, and was probably drunk. Rodney Hewitt witnessed the incident and confirmed Mwangi’s account.

Officer Rodriguez talked to Lesko who said he was upset about his yard. He told the officer he’d had a few drinks. Lesko smelled of alcohol. Officer Rodriguez realized Lesko’s behavior was going to continue.

On May 23rd, Darryl Lesko was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His bond was set at $439.

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