Woman hurls Nintendo Switch at husband while expressing marital concerns

29-year-old Marissa Cervenka was charged with aggravated domestic assault on her husband after she ripped a pair of headphones from his head, threw a Nintendo Switch at him, and grabbed him by the throat during an altercation regarding issues in their marriage, per report.

On June 11th, Officer Oakley was dispatched to Brewster Rd in Clarksville regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Oakley made contact with Marissa Cervenka. Cervenka informed law enforcement that she and her husband had been involved in an argument regarding marital concerns. Cervenka’s husband was wearing a pair of headphones while the woman was expressing her issues. The husband’s headphones were reportedly pulled off by Cervenka in order to gain his attention. Cervenka proceeded to demand her husband vacate the premises.

Marissa Cervenka (MCSO)
Marissa Cervenka (MCSO)

Cervenka’s husband added that, after the woman removed the headphones from his ears, she pushed him as well. In order to separate the two parties, Cervenka was pushed back by her husband. Cervenka responded to this by throwing a Nintendo Switch at the man while he was attempting to reclaim the removed headphones.

Despite missing the man with the flung game console, Cervenka then took her husband’s phone when he attempted to reach for it and struck the man in the shoulder. Following the strike, the altercation was reportedly moved into the couple’s bedroom, of which Cervenka denied entry to her husband by grabbing and holding him by the throat.

Cervenka’s grasping of her husband’s throat and eventual shoving against a nearby wall left the man unable to breathe. According to the affidavit, neither party suffered sustainable injuries. Oakley proceeded to determine Cervenka as the primary aggressor during the incident and placed the woman into custody for domestic aggravated assault.

Marissa Cervenka was arrested and charged with domestic aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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