Woman hits, bites, and tries to hit her husband with a teakettle over his car keys

feat Wilson Cathy

59-year-old Cathy Jones Wilson was charged with domestic assault after she hit, bit, scratched, and then tried to hit her husband with a teakettle during an argument about his car keys.

On September 13th, Clarksville Police Officer George Goodman responded to a domestic assault at 824 Creek Stone Drive. Upon arrival, Officer Goodman spoke with Terrand Wilson who told Officer Goodman that he had gotten into a physical altercation with his wife, Cathy Jones Wilson over a key to his car. Terrand stated that Cathy continued to punch, bite, and scratch him.

Cathy Jones Wilson (MCSO)

According to the affidavit, Cathy grabbed a tea kettle and tried to hit Terrand with it. Officer Goodman reported that there were visible signs of scratches on his left arm and a bite mark on his right arm.

Cathy Jones Wilson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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