UPDATE: She’s not his girlfriend and he didn’t run, he was just wanted to go to Jumbo Crab

33-year-old Matthew Burns was charged with vandalism and interfering with an emergency call. Matthew tells Scoop the affidavit and the witness accounts don’t quite match up.

On August 6th, Officer Kirill Annikov was dispatched to 2210 Roanoke Road concerning a hang-up during an emergency call. Monica Owens explained that she was having an argument with her boyfriend Matthew Burns when he told her to pack her things and get out. She said that she picked up her phone to call 911 and when he saw what she was doing, Burns grabbed the phone, went outside, and smashed it against the concrete. Burns had given her the now destroyed iPhone Pro Max, valued at $1,099, approximately six months prior. Soon after the fight, Burns took off and an arrest warrant was acquired.

Matthew Burns (MCSO)

On August 17th, Burns provided more information. According to him, the above-mentioned device was not gifted to Owens it was loaned. Burns stated that Owen was not, and is not his girlfriend, but she is the mother of his child. He claims that he threw the phone because she was on the trunk of his vehicle preventing him from leaving when he had somewhere to be and breaking it was not intentional.

Purchase Receipt for the iPhone (Source: Matthew Burns)

Burns points out that he did nothing to warrant her to call the police since he hadn’t broken any laws by asking her to leave his property. He said Owens admitted to the cops that there had been no physical altercation. There were also multiple witnesses that the officers refused to obtain statements from to include Mr. Burns.

Transaction Snapshot for Jumbo Crab (Source: Matthew Burns)
Debit Card Match to Transaction Snapshot (Source: Matthew Burns)

He refuses to speak ill of the mother of his child but would like it to be known that the police did not even attempt to get the whole and accurate story. When Burns left the scene, it wasn’t because he was running from the cops, but because he had already planned to go to Jumbo Crab, for which he has provided proof in the pictures above.

Matthew Burns was arrested and charged with vandalism and interfering with emergency calls. His bond was set at $6,000.

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