Recovering alcoholic scratches man’s face when he doesn’t get her more beer

56-year-old Laurie Sisto Caldas was charged with domestic assault after she scratched a man’s face, back, and shoulders because he refused to give the recovering alcoholic more beer.

On May 23rd, CPD Officer Hickmon arrived at 573 Danielle Drive in response to domestic violence. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who said that he and the defendant, Laurie Sisto Caldas, had been arguing all day due to her being a recovering alcoholic and she was wanting more beer that he refused to go get. When he told her that there wasn’t any more beer she began to scratch him with her nails. Police noted visible scratches on his face, back, and shoulders as well as a missing tooth which he was treated on scene for to be medically cleared.

Laurie Sisto Caldas (MCSO)
Laurie Sisto Caldas (MCSO)

They then made contact with Laurie who was described by Officer Hickmon as smelling of alcohol and that the victim was upset for her having a few beers. She told them he punched her three times and open hand hit her out of nowhere, which the officer did notice an abrasion on her face and a cut on her hand but not bruising indicating that she was punched.

A written statement was taken from Laurie who said that she put her hands up to protect her face but still never mentioned hitting the victim. Police determined based on the circumstances and accounts from both parties that Laurie was the aggressor so she was placed into custody.

Laurie Sisto Caldas was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,500.

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